Does Tinder Create Fake Profiles? Tinder is among the most widely used dating apps at the minute.

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It boasts around 50 million subscribed pages across the world, with about 10 million active users that are daily. The software is made back in 2012 and it is now home for the Match Group (along side, OKCupid, and An Abundance Of Fish).

Online dating sites, as with any other free-to-use social platforms, are inclined to issues with fake records, spamming bots, and harmful users. Recently, some users began voicing their issues that Tinder could be behind a few of the fakes.

The Debate

Like almost any other platform that is social of size, Tinder has received its reasonable share of fake pages. A portion of those had been developed by genuine individuals, even though the other people had been made and operated by hacking and spam bots. Despite considerable improvements in complete safety, Tinder is not able to banish all fake pages from the working platform.

Recently, a brand new types of presumably fake pages swept Tinder. These pages had zero task and, whenever involved, they might never respond to straight right back. Relating to data, Tinder had around 68% male users and merely 32% feminine users in 2015. Interestingly, nearly all these pages had been feminine. This led some users to suspect that Tinder had been attempting to artificially affect the app’s demographic while increasing revenue

How Can These Profiles Look?

The claims that Tinder is utilizing this brand new form of “non-malevolent” fakes to boost its feminine populace have actually triggered a stir within the community that is online. The proponents of the idea have actually also outlined the key faculties of these pages.

Probably the most apparent indications that the specific profile is Tinder’s very very own fake is the different behavior pattern – or in other words deficiencies in one. In accordance with a few users, the owners of these records will likely not you will need to offer you such a thing nor make an effort to attract one to a dangerous website. Aside from this, there are many other typical faculties provided because of the so-called fake records produced by Tinder.

  1. They cannot match. The alleged Tinder’s fakes that are own match with anybody.
  2. No description. These pages often lack information and description
  3. Location mismatch. Relating to users, a fake profile will usually state so it’s a whole lot nearer to you compared to the real distance in the middle of your places.
  4. Incorrect pictures. Typically, the pictures will likely not match aided by the location reported regarding the profile. As an example, pages with British locations will frequently have pictures taken someplace in america.

Why Would Tinder Do This?

Some users speculate that Tinder is utilizing this new variety of fake pages to artificially improve the population that is female. This, in change, would keep consitently the male users actively swiping and investing their loves and swipes. Consequently, male users would need to turn to Tinder Plus for extra swipes and likes, therefore boosting Tinder’s revenue. Needless to say, that is all simply speculation. No official answer ever originated in Tinder.

The Verdict

With zero proof to back within the claims and just theories being available, it really is safe to assume that Tinder is certainly not tangled up in any kind of foul play.

Stay Safe

Tinder-made or otherwise not, you need to look out for fake pages. Here are a few of this easiest means to identify a fake.

  1. Pages that simply look too good. In case a profile you matched has a photograph which appears skillfully photoshopped and absolutely nothing (or next to nothing) it is most likely a fake beside it. These pages might have photos of also superstars as opposed to genuine users.
  2. Users whom you will need to go the discussion off Tinder straight away. Typically, they will certainly make an effort to get it done right from the start, during the extremely start of discussion. Most likely, they will let you know which they hate Tinder or are making the application. They may ask you to let them have your telephone number or join another platform that is social. These users are usually after your data that are personal.
  3. They solution too quickly or respond to in gibberish. Another tell-tale indication you’re working with a fake account could be the rate with that they answer. When they message you immediately when you matched or their responses make no feeling, it’s most likely a fake account.
  4. Their profile is lacking information. Whenever looking at a profile you matched, have a look at their bio section. You’re most likely dealing with a fake if it is empty.


Such as the rest of free networks that are social the sites Tinder is prone to fake profiles and spam/hack bot dilemmas. Proceed with the recommendations you present in this informative article to ensure you remain safe and prevent profiles that are fake.

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